Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap Hosting Review

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Namecheap is one of the companies specializing in providing web hosting services and domain registration services, based in Phoenix Arizona, and the company manages more than 10 million domains, making it one of the largest domain registrars in the world.

It is clear from the name of the company that its founder, Richard Kirkendall, wanted to create a domain for users at the lowest costs, which is what actually happened, as NameCheap is one of the cheapest and best companies that give you a domain for your site, and what confirms that it is also that the company is the third largest domain registrar in the world .

Namecheap has provided many services after its great success in selling the domain at the lowest prices, and among these services is the hosting service, which is the focus of our review now. As with the domain, NameCheap has tried to offer hosting service for very cheap rates compared to its competitors.

The current question is: Can Namecheap provide hosting service with higher quality compared to its prices, as it has achieved with regard to domain service? Which we will answer in detail in a comprehensive review of the company that we provide to you to be of assistance to you in deciding whether the service is worth buying or not.

Some of the plans offered by NameCheap :

Namecheap offers many hosting plans, the most important of which are: 

Shared hosting plans : 


Shared Hosting Namecheap
Shared Hosting Namecheap


NameCheap offers three sub-payment plans to its customers that fall under the shared hosting service for websites, and all plans have the following advantages: 

–  Unlimited monthly visitors to your site

–  Free Website Builder support

–  Cpanel control panel

–      50 free SSL certificates for an entire year

–  Install WordPress script with one click

  • Stellar basic hosting plan :

This plan is characterized by that it gives you storage space of up to 20 GB using disks from the SSD, and it also allows you to host three sites, and also backs up your site twice a week, all this only at a cost of $ 18.96 annually.

  • Stellar Plus Hosting Plan :

This plan is promoted as giving you unlimited storage space, and this is not logical at all, so we believe that it gives you 50 GB of storage space, and it hosts an unlimited number of websites, in addition to that it backs up your site twice a week, All this costs $ 32.16 per year

  • Stellar Business :

When you choose this service, the company gives you storage space of up to 50 GB, hosts an unlimited number of websites, and makes backups twice a week, and one of the advantages of this plan is cloud storage, which is designed to deal with the pressure resulting from the sudden increase in the number of visitors that causes Heavy load on the site and add more slow speed, and with the service of cloud storage there will be no interruptions to your site.

And cloud hosting makes your site more stable and secure; This is because the files and data are on another device, and therefore any problem in the current server will not affect the site, because the site will work from another server.

However, once you choose this plan for e-commerce, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate; Because it is not in the plan. The company makes all this available for the paltry price of just $ 57.6 per year.

Virtual private server hosting plans ( VPS ) :


VPS Hosting Services - Managed Virtual Servers at Namecheap
VPS Hosting Services – Managed Virtual Servers at Namecheap

Namecheap offers VPS hosting plans for those who skip shared hosting plans, and who would like to have a virtual private server, as VPS hosting allows you to store your web assets on a space that is configured to look like a standalone dedicated server, and even though it is not a physical device. But it still gives you a certain amount of resources.

It is a virtual hosting server that has its own operating system (OS), applications, resources, and configurations. All this is contained in one powerful server. And each server can have multiple VPS accounts on it.

VPS hosting plans are an advanced step for shared hosting as it enables you to have a large number of options to work with and choose between them, there are a variety of open source operating systems including CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu, and you will also be able to choose from the types of management that suits you, there is self-management and Full management, and much more.

The company offers two plans to get VPS hosting, and each of them contains the following features: –

–  Define full root access and OS (OS)

–  Your choice of server administration

–  Top security standards

–  Free to transfer existing websites and VPS to Namecheap, unlike competitors

–      30-day money-back guarantee


  • Cheapest VPS Pulsar Hosting Plan :

The plan gives you higher service than shared hosting services from the same company; Because it works with 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD RAID 10, 1000 GB Bandwidth, for a cheap price for competitors as it will pay $ 142.56 annually with a 34% discount in the first year.

  • More Expensive Plan VPS Quasar :

This plan gives you a higher efficiency service than the previous plan, Pulsar, where the server works at the efficiency of 4 CPU cores, 6 GB RAM, storage space of up to 120 GB of type SSD RAID 10, and 3000 GB bandwidth, and the company gives you this service at a price of $ 166.56 for the first year As a discount of 30% and after that you will pay $ 238.56 annually.

WordPress hosting plans :


WordPress Hosting Namecheap
WordPress Hosting Namecheap

These are plans that Namecheap provides for those looking for an easy way to register, host and manage the wordpress website. You can connect Namecheap hosting to the WordPress site in less than 90 seconds via a feature called EasyWP.

Namecheap relies in all WordPress hosting on the cloud hosting service to provide better performance and higher speeds for users, and the price of this hosting is cheap compared to competing companies in the market

And for those who wonder about what is managed WordPress hosting, we mention that it is a type of hosting that is dedicated to and optimized for the WordPress site.

The ultimate goal of managed hosting is to provide a fully managed platform so that the user only needs to focus on the content and not on the setup or configuration, and thus the WordPress hosting providers handle all the complicated things themselves.

Of course, we mention that EasyWP hosting is best if you have a new WordPress site and not a well-established site that gets thousands of visits.

All three plans contain the following additions: –

  • X WordPress website
  • Installed in under 90 seconds
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud
  • Seamless scalability as visitors grow
  •   99.9% Uptime
  •   3X faster than traditional hosting
  • Support for any domain name provider
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage WordPress websites
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy backups and restores
  • SFTP and database access

There are three plans presented by the company:

  • EasyWP Starter :

It is clear from the name starter that it is intended for beginners, and indeed, this plan is the best and cheapest in the event that you are a beginner and you receive fewer than 50,000 visitors per month, as it can take care of this number of visitors, and this plan provides 10 GB of storage space which is very sufficient at the beginning.

As for the price, it is really very cheap for the services provided by the plan, as it comes at a price of $ 29.88 per year, and it gives you a reduction for the first year by 23%, as you can buy it after the discount at $ 22.8 per year.

  • Easy XP Turbo :

It is a well-suited plan for those who have fewer than 200,000 visitors per month, as it offers 50 GB of SSD storage, free CDN, 1.5 times the CPU, 1.5 times the RAM, and free SSL.

The cost of the plan is $ 44.88 in the first year after 35%, so that the price after the year of discount is $ 68.88.

  • EasyWP Supersonic :

It is a well-suited plan for larger sites with more than 500,000 visitors, this plan provides you with a very decent space of 50 GB of SSD storage, free CDN, 2 times the CPU, 2 times the RAM, and free SSL.

This plan will cost you $ 49.88 after deducting 50% of the original amount that you will pay starting in the second year $ 98.88.

Dedicated hosting plans :


Dedicated Server Hosting Namecheap
Dedicated Server Hosting Namecheap

This type of hosting is a dedicated server to serve your site or sites, where all server resources are used in terms of space, processor speed and RAM capacity for your benefit, and no one can participate as is the case in shared hosting.

This type of hosting provides the ability to fully control the server because you are the administrator, and thus you can use the operating system you prefer (Windows, Linux), as well as control the server settings, install programs and everything related to hosting.

Through dedicated hosting, the server provides you with your own IP address, and this is important because through it you can control the traffic coming to your site, if you do not want a specific country or country, you can prevent it from accessing the site through your IP number, and that possibility is not available in shared hosting

You should know that dedicated hosting is an advanced level of hosting and therefore it is obvious that it is not necessary for beginners in anything, even professionals as well, because no site, even if it is large, needs dedicated hosting, especially since the costs of that hosting are not low, and your site must earn a lot of profits so that you can Bear the costs of dedicated hosting.

If we can say that this hosting requires specific needs in order for you to take advantage of it, it is specialized for large companies that need superior operating capabilities, business management and owners of large sites that achieve a strong monthly return, and also provide the data transfer rate that is likely to have the amount of traffic that comes to these sites

And if you want to buy dedicated hosting, Name Ship gives you three different plans to get the dedicated hosting service for your site only, and these plans are: –

  • The first plan comes at a price of $ 724.88 :

a year as a 12% discount on the original price of $ 826.56 to give you a server with specifications as follows

  •     4 cores @ 3.5 GHz
  •     16 GB DDR4
  •     2 x 480 GB SSD
  • The second plan comes at a price of $ 1108.88 :

a year to give you a more efficient server, which the previous server gives you: –

  •     6 cores @ 3.4 GHz
  •     32GB DDR4
  •     2 x 480 GB SSD
  • The third plan comes at a price of $ 3448.88 :

to give you a more efficient server than the second plan gives you, as the server comes with specifications: –

Dual 16 cores @ 2.8 GHz

    128 GB DDR4

    4 x 1.92 TB NVMe

Namecheap hosting features :

In this section of NameCheap Review, we will talk about the advantages of Namecheap hosting in detail and what are the features that may push you to use Namecheap’s services, and what we will mention to you of the advantages are the most famous and not all the features that Namecheap offers.

The aim of presenting the advantages and disadvantages that characterize NemShip is not to buy the service or avoid it, as it may seem to you at the beginning, but in order for you to analyze and see accurately the examination whether these services, advantages and the disadvantages they contain suit you or not.

The aim of presenting the advantages and disadvantages that characterize NameCheap is not to buy the service or avoid it, as it may seem to you at the beginning, but in order for you to analyze and see accurately whether these services, advantages and the disadvantages suit you or not.

NameCheap is distinguished by providing many services, from domain reservation and hosting purchase to booking official emails for companies and hosting them on email servers, and each service in Namecheap has special advantages, and among the advantages of NameCheap hosting are the following:

  • Low prices for their services :

The company is characterized by the low prices of most of the services it provides, and this feature is what made the nameCheap Company so famous; This is because it is considered one of the companies that provide domain and hosting services at the cheapest prices, especially shared hosting plans, as it targets customers who are looking for savings in price, or who want to set up small-sized projects that do not need high specifications in the servers.

The low prices for its services sometimes bring with it some concessions in quality, but you will not back down from establishing your project due to the problem of your budget shortage, and you will always be able to raise your hosting plan to a higher plan at any time.

  • Website loading speed :

Some think that the concessions that NameCheap offers due to its low prices lies in the slow site loading speed, and there are many reviewers underestimating the company and what it offers regarding the site’s download speed, which is completely wrong.

The fact is that the company provides a very efficient service in terms of site loading speed. This is because the customer’s desire to improve and increase the speed of loading his site is the main reason that drives him to buy the hosting service, and therefore Namecheap is not in its interest to violate the desire of the customer at this point.

This is because NameCheap knows how important the speed of the site is to its success, and it also knows that the slow speed of the site is the main reason behind the loss of visitors and potential customers of the site and not topping it in the search results.

It is known that 47% of visitors expect the page to load in 2 seconds or less, 40% leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load the requested page. One second more in the page loading time may cause a decrease in the conversion rate of visitors into customers by 7%, so if we assume that an online store achieves $ 100,000 a day, delaying the page loading by only one second will cause annual losses of about $ 2.5 million.

The speed of the site is one of the main factors that Google relies on to differentiate between sites in the priority of appearing in search results, and the reason for this is that it considers the fast site to provide a better user experience for the visitor.

The speed will be excellent, especially if you use the largest hosting plan, Stellar Business, which costs you only $ 57.6 per year, which is  host on very fast cloud hosting, which is a technology in the world of hosting and means hosting your site on more than one hosting server where those servers are hosted On them your website is connected to each other, which guarantees that you will double the speed of your site; Also, in cloud-hosting services, the number of sites hosted on a single server is reduced.

  • Server running time in Namecheap (activity time) :

Activity time means that your site remains online and able to serve visitors. This time is calculated as a percentage as 100% represents the uninterrupted connection of your site to the Internet, meaning that it is usable for all this time.

Hosting facts in 2020 built and bought hosting from Namecheap to test the company’s efficiency with respect to speed and server uptime in NameCheap and the results were quite satisfactory.

NameCheap’s servers achieved 100% of the activity time in the first month of the performance test, and February 2020 recorded a similar rate of 99.99%, and from March to July, a percentage was close to 100%, but it suddenly fell in a month August was the lowest percentage at the time of running the servers and it was 99.91%, but it remains a good percentage, which confirms that your page remains active throughout the month on the Internet and that the period of interruption of the server from work does not reach an hour in this month.

  • Free backup of your site :

NameCheap enables you to take automatic backups of your sites to avoid losing them if your sites are hacked or if any unintended error occurs from you, whether while updating an add-on or template.

Backup means taking an exact copy of your site’s files and saving them with you on your computer or any of the cloud storage services,

And their storage is for the purpose of preserving your site files from being lost for use when necessary, as in cases of problems with the company hosting your site, and instead of losing your files, you will have a backup copy, and in the event that you want to transfer from one hosting to another, you can use the backup copy, and you can also take a backup copy of Manually site any time you want.

  • CPanel control panel :

CPanel is the most popular shared hosting account dashboard ever. It contains all the features and tools that help you manage your shared hosting account.

It is also a non-free control panel, its cost is high, and it is paid monthly or annually by the hosting company that deals with it.

The cPanel control panel is very easy to handle and contains many, many tools that help you manage your hosting account with ease.

Among the important tools provided by Cpanel are File Manager, creating and managing MySQL databases, creating and controlling FTP accounts, creating and managing subdomains, creating and managing email accounts. It also enables you to view emails online, take backup copies of the site’s files, backup, add other sites on the same account (if the hosting company allows this), and also provide you with statistics of your site’s visitors, the most visited pages, etc., change the language and password, And disk consumption, bandwidth, databases, RAM, etc.

Namecheap provides the popular C-Panel control panel through which you can fully control your site and its files for free.

Namecheap hosting features
Namecheap hosting features
  • Free SSL Certificate :

With NameCheap hosting, you get a free protection certificate for one year with any of the shared hosting packages or private servers.

In simple terms, SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, you have to buy an SSL Certificate to protect the information that your visitors enter into your site. For example, when someone enters their credit card information to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, an SSL certificate protects and secures this information, making the user comfortable with this procedure.

Thus, the SSL certificate builds a secure and encrypted connection between the user and the server of your site. To build this connection, the process of communication and linking occurs without any influence or disruption to the user, meaning that the purchase or browsing process will not be interrupted. An SSL certificate can be likened to a safety deposit box where you can keep your valuable items (user information) to transfer it over the Internet from the user to you.

Therefore, NameCheap enables you to get a free SSL certificate for a whole year; The protection certificate enables you to secure your visitors from hackers and hackers and enables your site to appear in Google searches, because Google does not show sites that do not have a protection certificate.

  • Provides data centers in the United States of America and Britain :

It is one of the few companies that allows you to choose the location of the hosting, as it provides you with hosting in two places and you can choose the right place for you, and on the contrary, you find the HostGator company that provides hosting in America only.

While NameCheap gives you the option to choose between hosting your site in the United States of America or Britain, hosting in a UK data center is $ 1 more expensive than hosting in America.

And when buying hosting, always make sure that you host your site in the nearest place to your visitors; This will reduce the distance between the site and its visitors, which will lead to an increase in the speed of the site and improve the user experience.

  • It uses hard and fast SSD storage disks :

SSD hards are used in NameCheap shared hosting, this makes website loading speed excellent compared to normal HDD disks.

The hard disk (HDD) has longer latency and latency, longer read and write times, and supports fewer I / O operations (IOPS) compared to an SSD, so the device boot speed is somewhat slow in computers that include Hard disks of the type (HDD), and for energy consumption, they use more electricity to rotate the dishes and generate heat and electrical waves.

Most of the web hosting companies have turned to this type of disk to overcome the problems of slowing the site, so when buying NameCheap hosting, be reassured in terms of the type of storage disk used, and you must make sure of the type of disk if you think about booking shared hosting from a company other than NameCheap .

  • The ability to host an unlimited number of websites on the same hosting :

With the lowest number of shared Namecheap hosting packages you can host 3 websites on the same hosting which cost you $ 18.96 annually in the first year.

As for the rest of the packages, you can host an unlimited number of websites on the same hosting, and although this sentence provided by NameCheap is only for the purpose of advertising and promotion, The number of sites that you can host on your site is still very large 50 sites!

If you think about the number of sites that can be uploaded to shared hosting, you will find that there must be a limit so that the sites do not affect each other in terms of speed, because the more sites you have, the resources available to you are divided among them, and this affects the work and efficiency of the site.

  • Free domain :

Since NameCheap is primarily a domain registrar, the company is one of only a handful of companies that offer free domain hosting.

NameCheap provides a free domain with most of its web hosting packages, but the domain extension varies from one package to another, and in some offers, is available for free for a year with the hosting packages.

In addition to the free domain, you also get the service of masking domain owner data from WHOIS search services. This service is mostly a paid service and costs in the range of $ 10 or more annually, but NameCheap offers it for free as well.

  • Free Website Builder :

With this free website builder, you don’t need to have WordPress installed on your hosting if you want to create a landing page because this tool saves you time.

You can choose from among more than 200 designs of ready-made pages that you can directly import and start modifying their content in order to reach the final look of your site or page.

  • Free transfer to your site

A few web hosting companies are the ones that provide free transportation for your site, such as FastComet and Cloud Wise, these companies save you a lot of effort and money.

The company provides a free transfer service for your sites to their servers, and it also provides helpful articles for everything that comes to your mind regarding hosting and domains. In the site’s library you find steps to create or process anything related to this field with pictures and videos if necessary.

Disadvantages of NameCheap hosting :

In fact, the company has no major flaws that make you dispense with its services, so what we have mentioned of the advantages erases what we will mention in terms of defects, except that we mention the faults to you so that you can deal while you are fully aware of the deficiencies of NameCheap Company.

  • Tech support is not good enough :

One of the advantages that must be available in the hosting companies that you want to contract with is the presence of technical support to solve any problem facing the customer. And this company has provided technical support through Live Chat on its site in addition to the Help desk system on its site with the most important questions and problems facing the customer and solving these problems.

Although it is difficult to judge the quality of technical support for any company because of the different experiences from case to case and from person to person. NameCheap provides free live chat technical support to its users 24 hours a day, all days of the year.

Technical support is provided by English language, and our technical support representatives will help you solve most problems.

But if the problem is big or difficult, then technical support may not be able to help you easily. Namecheap also has lessons and a large knowledge base, but the problem is that it focuses all its attention heavily on the company’s main product, the Domain.

However, some reviewers mention in their review of the technical support service that it is excellent, and this was according to their own experiences that they went through.

  • Hosting NameCheap in Britain, at an extra cost :

You can book your hosting on NameCheap servers in Britain, and thus you will benefit from a better speed for visitors to the European region, but at the time the rest of the companies offer European servers at the same price for the main packages, NameCheap adds an additional cost when choosing a British server during the reservation.

  • The servers are limited by some obstacles with WordPress :

Simple blogs may not notice the difference, but the server is restricted by many technical laws that may prevent you from taking advantage of basic features that are needed by WordPress.

For example, the plugin LOCO for translation will find a problem in saving files in more than one place due to permissions, and adding Mailchimp is unable to communicate with the server at all, and the PHP memory is very little 32 MB compared to 256 provided by A2hosting.

  • The possibility of a refund within 30 days of purchase :

In the event that you are not satisfied with NameCheap hosting and the services they provide you, you can submit a full refund request within 30 days of purchase.

And on the grounds that this feature makes you more assured of your money in the event that you do not want to continue using the hosting that you have reserved for any reason, whether for their reason or a personal reason that prevents you from completing the site you are thinking of creating, but the 30-day period may not be Sufficient to decide whether the service is good or bad. There are hosting companies that give you a money-back guarantee of up to 90 days.

Domain names are also not covered by the money-back guarantee, and the service does not include cloud plans or VPS hosting

Among the other services provided by NameCheap Company :

The company does not only provide domain and web hosting services, but it also offers many services such as:

  • Premium DNS, one of the most powerful DNS platforms in the world, enables you to reserve a DNS for your site for less than $ 5 a year.
  • SSL certificates of all kinds of professional protection, such as wildcard certificates and many other certificates that protect the data of your visitors or your online store from being stolen, there are some types of protection certificates that give you a million-dollar guarantee against hacking your site’s data.
  • VPN service is cheaply priced so that you can surf the Internet freely without restrictions, such as the restrictions imposed by some countries on some websites, you can browse all the sites you prefer by subscribing to the VPN service from NameCheap.
  • The CDN service is a new service provided by the company through which you can help increase the speed of your site by 68% and protect the site from DDoS attacks with free installation and unlimited number of visitors.
  • Logo design service or professional logo for free, and this service is provided by NameCheap through its website so that you can design a professional logo for your website or commercial activities for free and get it with the highest accuracy and in the format you want.
  • A service for designing, printing and delivering a personal business card to you, and this is a paid service provided by the company.

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