LOOK GoDaddy Hosting 3 Secret Things You Didn’t Know In this review to be convinced

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LOOK GoDaddy Hosting 3 Secret Things You Didn't Know In this review to be convinced

 GoDaddy Hosting review According to innate, 1 in every 20 websites it seems to be hosted at GoDaddy. It is undeniable, they are Titan Tang, with around 20 million customers, more than 9,000 employees, and enough 80 million domains are managed.

GoDaddy Hosting review What products are GoDaddy offered?

 GoDaddy offers dozens of products and equipped with many packages available. So, first, let me tell you further touch about their hosting offers.

GoDaddy Hosting Product Offers
GoDaddy Hosting Product Offers

Shared Web Hosting:

 If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on web hosting,

 Hosting together is that thank you for going. This type of cheap web hosting puts your website on the server with other sites.

 So, yes, your site shares server resources with another, therefore the tier name. This shows that it is from leading web hosting types.

 Server sharing sites compete for resources – everything from throughput to space to save.

review plans:

 At GoDaddy, there are many shared hosting packages available.

 It costs between $ 8.99 and $ 24.99 on the update. With this kind of hosting service, you will share the server with other clients.

 It’s suitable for small and medium projects that don’t need the best performing server.

 GoDaddy displays various web servers based on Linux or Windows.

1) Basic Economy Hosting Package:

 (Starting with an introduction rate of $ 1 per month,Update $ 7.99 per month) including 100GB storage,

 The power to host one website, monthly data transfer without limits, and one free year from the Office 365 email starter.

 Microsoft Mail Plans only come with one email address, but you will update to more accounts at a cost.

 See the email hosting section, below, for further options.

2) Deluxe plan:

 (Starting from $ 7.99 per month, updating $ 10.99 per month) is built on an economic package by adding storage and unlimited domains.

 The last word package (starts from $ 12.99 per month, updating $ 16.99 per month) adds double the processing power and a safe one-year Socket Layer (SSL) processing certificate.

 FYI, GoDaddy Tosses as long as you are free if you check-in for an annual plan

3) Ultimate Plan

 For high traffic sites. Get 2x CPU for SSL which is stronger and free for the first year.

  • Lower
  • 99 $ / mo
  • Sold – save 23%
  • 99 $ / mo when you merenew4
  • Double performance
  • Unlimited website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Traffic that is not controlled
  • Unlimited database
  • WordPress settings that are fast and simple
  • Professionally designed themes
  • Free premium DNS
4) maximum plan:

 Get 2x CPU and 4x memory – for power and speed. Plus, free SSL for life plans.

  • Lower
  • 99 $ / mo
  • Sold – save 20%
  • 99 $ / mo when you update it4
  • Maximum Performance + Website Without Limits + Unlimited Storage + Traffic Is Not Throwed
  • Unlimited database + WordPress settings that are fast and simple + themes designed professionally
  • Free Premium + free DNS, SSL without limits for all your websites.

Shared hosting plans and prices GoDaddy

All plans include

1) Control panel that is easy to use.

 Including the cPanel industry standard for installing applications, managing reserves and security.

2) 1-click Install more than 150 free applications.

 Get access to more than 150 free applications to create CMS sites (WordPress, Joomla),

  Forums and blogs through Installatron.

3) 24/7 network security.

 Get peace of mind, knowing network security and DDoS protection is monitored at any time.

4) Resources on request.

 If you need more power for your site, increase your CPU / RAM, I / O and your storage with 1-click purchase.

5) 1 GB database storage.

 Get a unlimited MySQL database with Linux-based web hosting packages.

6) 1-click domain name settings.

 Connecting your site to your domain name has never been this easy

 Godaddy’s economic plan is served as if you can’t check in for month-to-month payment packages (the lowest price displayed for a minimum check-in period of three months),

 But once you add a decision to the train, a one-month plan appears.

 We love that choice there, but we hope it’s easier to find.

 We could not find it until Godaddy showed it after we complained that the choice was not available during the previous version of this review.

 Speaking of long-term plans, GoDaddy offers steep discounts to people who decide to survive for the end of the day.

 For example, if you check-in for the 10-year hosting plan on Linux,

 You pay $ 718.80, which is 25 percent of the complete price.






Number of sites





Storage space

100 GB




Number of databases





The volume of the exchange





Number of files





Central processing power

Single core

Single core

Two cores

Two cores


512 MB

512 MB

1 GB

2 GB











Base price

$ 8.99

$ 11.99

$ 16.99

$ 24.99

Reduced price

$ 1

$ 7.99

$ 12.99

$ 19.99

Get a discount

90% off + free domain

Activate the coupon


33% off + free domain

Activate the coupon

23% off + free domain

Activate the coupon

20% off + free domain

Activate the coupon

godaddy wordpress hosting review

 Like many other hosting providers, GoDaddy has shared hosting services optimized WordPress.

 They seem to set up their servers for better WordPress performance, offering WordPress pre-installed, and have various themes available.

 Nothing is too interesting if you ask from me. It starts at $ 6.99 a month

 GoDaddy has several levels of hosting WordPress managed and not managed.

 Unmanaged plans have prices and specifications that are equivalent to the plan with Godaddy.

 Variations are managed by the treatment of white gloves with four Linux-based WordPress hosting levels.

 Register has its advantages.

 GoDaddy has thousands of themes and plug-in WordPress and offers a night reserve and automatic WordPress software updates.

 Like other managed WordPress hosts, Godaddy does not require you to enter the CMS, because it comes that has been installed.

 After you enter WordPress, you will make a post, page, and gallery because you are with the WordPress site hosted by yourself.

 What do they provide WordPress users?

 GoDaddy offers a lot of support for WordPress users.

 But one of the most important things you need to know is that they give something called WordPress hosting “managed”.

 This means they are looking for various technical details,

 Like plugin updates and wordpress software updates, which you usually need to be poured.

 This may be very interesting for small business owners.

 The following is one of the features managed and benefits from WordPress Godaddy Hosting:

 They ensure that your plugin software and WordPress are always updated and now.

 This is often critical for protection against hacking.

 They automatically back up your website every day.

 One-Click Restore: If something is wrong with your website, one click the button will return it.

 You can choose between various pre-artificial websites and easily adjust one.

 Most plans have a baked SEO visibility feature.

 You will get access to thousands of themes and WordPress plugins.

 Your site will load quickly.

 They will scan and affect malware regularly.

 Migrate your site to GoDaddy as easy as clicking the button.

 You will have 24/7 access to WordPress technical experts.

 Some plans offer you access to what is called “Stealing Site” – Personal duplicate, your site where you will test changes in new designs or features.

 They install WordPress for you.

 You get a free domain.

 You get a free email account.

 So far because the world of web hosting cares,

 GoDaddy took the crown when it involves registration of domains with more than 60 million domain names under his management.

  The company also offers satisfying web hosting services with many great features, all supported by 24/7 technical support.

 Hosting packages with their introduction are referred to as “economic plans”,

 Display free domains, unlimited bandwidth, monthly data transfer without limits, 100GB disk space, and 100 emails.

 These features continue to restore the hosting package ladder that you are headed.

 For example, “Ultimate Plan” adds a 1 year SSL certificate and 1000 email addresses.

 Wordpress Packages & Hosting & Prices

Basic: $ 6.99 / mo

Deluxe: 9.99 $ / mo

Ultimate: 12.99 $ / mo

ECommerce: 15.99 $ / mo

Managed hosting plans and pricing for WordPress GoDaddy
Managed hosting plans and pricing for WordPress GoDaddy

VPS web hosting.

 You will want hosting dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) for muscles if you expect big traffic,

 Or if you want to protect yourself from a large traffic nail.

 VPS or virtual private hosting servers are strictly like what it feels.

 You pay for space on a shared server, but far more to isolate you from your server server than hosting shared long.

 GODADDY VPS package (which starts from $ 4.99 per month) offers a Linux or Windows-based server,

 Also as a unlimited domain and monthly data transfer.

 Top specifications at 16GB of RAM, 400GB of storage, and free SSL for one year. That’s good, especially if you check in for a multi-month plan.

 Virtual Economic Personal Server Plan, for example, drops to only $ 69.99 per month if you comply with a two-year agreement. It’s a 50 percent discount.

 Like a shared plan, this VPS package uses the Office 365 starter email.

 However, GODADDY VPS services are the preferred choice for people who need stronger web hosting solutions than shared web hosting but do not need to pay a relatively expensive special web hosting fee.

GoDaddy vps server plans and prices
GoDaddy vps server plans and prices


 Virtual Server Manager Hosting and Virtual Server Package (VPS):

1) Performance

 Enjoy high-performance SSDs in OpenStack for 3x plus unlimited traffic.

  You also get KVM virtualization for full control over your hardware resources.

2) admin / easy account unlimited

 Create an unlimited hosting account with cPanel / WHM + Installatron optional or draw an edition of web obsidian hosts (including WordPress Toolkit).

3) Root access

 Save full control and configure your server with your needs (up to the operating system level).

4) monitoring and warning

 Monitor Uptime Server and Performance (CPU, RAM and Storage) – still get information with warning notifications.

5) Reserve recovery and console

 Set a weekly automatic backup plus snapshot on request and fix the problem using the recovery console (even if you don’t have access to SSH).

6) Global Data Center

 Choose from the nearest data center, sophisticated in North America, Emea or Asia-Pacific for a faster page load and a better visitor experience.

7) Scalability

 There is no need for complicated manual migration. Easily improve RAM, CPU, and storage with a smooth VPS upgrade.

8) Security

 Enjoy monitoring round clock networks with advanced DDoS protection and free SSL certificates (for the first year) with special IPS.

Dedicated web hosting.

 Special hosting is that the level you want after you operate a site that requires a lot of system resources. With special hosting, your site is on the server by itself, thus utilizing all server power.

 These often hardware you want to use sites designed to handle many visitors per year.

The special managed hosting server package includes:

1) fully managed support.

 Our dedicated server hosting experts are available to support you 24/7.

 We handle all your requests; From choosing from the expert service menu to request individual assignments.

2) Monitoring and remediation.

 We monitor the performance of your server,

 Investigate and mitigate problems proactively such as CPU, Apache, and MySQL processes.

 Then fix the problem on your behalf, and tell you with whatever action is needed.

3) managed updates and reaming.

 No longer patch manually and update the control panel and your OS.

 We succeeded, so your server is cutting-edge, always.

4) Security with free SSL.

 We monitor your network 24/7 with advanced DDoS protection.

 And with special IP, you get a free SSL certificate for the first year ††.

5) Scalability, managed.

 Manual migration is part of the past with fully managed hosting – you get a managed upgrade fully handled by our pro.

6) High availability. Faster performance.

 Get duplicate duplicate duplicate (mirror) drive to read redundancy and data that occurs faster if disk failure.

Plans and prices for a dedicated GoDaddy server
Plans and prices for a dedicated GoDaddy server


Type of plan

 They have two types of plans:

1) HDD

 High capacity

 Prices start at $ 129.99 / month to $ 399.99 / mo


 Up to 25x faster

 Prices start at $ 139.99 / month to $ 419.99 / mo


Reseller web hosting.

 If you want to get into the online hosting business, but don’t want to influence infrastructure problems, check the Hosting Reseller Package Godaddy.

 GoDaddy allows you to apply your branding to the server you are renting, and also supply 24/7 technical support.

Resell our products with your brand
Resell our products with your brand


Type of plan

1) Distributed basic

 Ideal for up to 25 clients

 Starting from: $ 8.99

2) Professional Distributor

 Ideal for clients without limits

 Starting from: $ 14.99

 Two plans contain:

  • White-label eCommerce storefront
  • Credit card processing
  • Support is available to assist you
  • Sales and commission reports

 Unfortunately, the GoDaddy reseller package does not accompany email; You have to check-in for a separate email package for electronic messages.

There are more: You can be a distributor of many godaddy products

  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Business email
  • Website builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • Servers
  • Site security powered by Sucuri
  • Managed WordPress


Hosting business

When do I need to host a business?

 If your website grows, it’s just a matter of time before you need more strength than that can be provided by shared hosting.

GoDaddy Business Hosting
GoDaddy Business Hosting

 Hosting business provides the same strength and performance with virtual personal servers (VPS) without server administration. You get all RAM, CPU, and the bandwidth you need without having to hire the pro to manage your server

What are the benefits we get when choosing business hosting?

1) Simplicity: You get an easy-to-use cPanel control panel that you use with hosting with us. You don’t need server administration skills to manage business hosting.

2) Special resources: memory and disk space accompanied by hosting your business is dedicated so that they will always be available for you to use.

3) Complete insulation: Because you have special resources, your website will never be affected by other websites on your server.


Plan & Price

– Launching:

For some basic sites.

Start: 19.99 $ / mo

– Adding:

For WordPress, Joomla, and other high traffic sites.

Start: 34.99 $ / mo

– Growing:

For sophisticated e-commerce sites like Magento.

Start: 44.99 $ / mo

– expand

For photography or heavy resource sites.

Start: 59.99 $ / mo


No Cloud Web Hosting

 Godaddy does not have cloud hosting, an alternative to traditional hosting that attracts resources from several servers.

 If you want to urge to cloud hosting, which allows you to expand server resources easily,

 We propose a glimpse of Dreamhost, our co-editor choices in the category.

 Dreamhost business friendly package starts from $ 4.50 per month

 (For 512MB RAM, 100GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfer) and besides $ 48 per month

 (For four CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 100GB storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers).

  If you only try hosting cloud, Dreamhost is probably a good place to start.

 The site that is highly traded will support 1 & 1 Ionos.

 Co-editor options have specifications

 (16-core CPU, 48GB RAM) and plans poured so that the Big Business Fortress.

 In addition, 1 & 1 Ionos offer a customized server that you can get up from the bottom up.

 That, of course, costs money.

 You must reach that bent among the company’s customer service repetition for price information.



What is the Godaddy Website Builder?

 is a editing tool and online publishing that helps you create a website,

 Regardless of the level of your technical skills.

 Just create an account, select Design,

 And use the default editor to add your own images and text.

 You can make your website as simple or complex as you want Can I use a website builder to make an e-commerce store?

GoDaddy for e-commerce
GoDaddy for e-commerce

Yes. The most expensive leading planned plan allows you to coat the complete e-commerce site. You get things like:

  • Checkout process.
  • Support for various payment formats
  • Support for coupon codes
  • Inventory and order management
  • Basic marketing features.

 If you try to find a complete feature solution that is easily integrated together with your hosting, this is often an honest choice to consider.

 How is the website builder compared to Weebly?

 The inclusion of a garmental with a hosting package means godaddy like weebly.

 Weebly is an all-in-one-one building tool that lets you urge your website and run as a little hassle as possible.

 However, they are the first and main site builders, while Godaddy may be a hosting provider that comes with website builders as a bonus.

 The recommended thing is if you try to find an easy website that will be launched easily, consider weebly.

 If your goal is growth and therefore develop websites that are more rich in features,

 You will want to concentrate on your infrastructure and choose Godaddy thanks to the variability of hosting options offered by the company.

GoDaddy-Hosted Site Setup

 Free godaddy website maker is called gocentral.

GoDaddy website builder
GoDaddy website builder

 This is a very responsive design tool, indicating that you have a handsome and functional mobile website along with the desktop site that you wake up.

 Website editor is equipped with many features

A) Construction site:

  • Cellular design and editing

 No matter which device you use, your site will look great and you can edit while traveling

  • Customized themes

 Play with more than 20 theme filters to instantly change layouts, fonts and colors.

  • Drag and drop

 Want to move the partition? Easy. Just click and move them.

  • drop-down list

 Too many pages? The drop-down menu makes navigation easy.

  • Form contact

 Allow your visitors to keep in touch with an easy contact form.

  • picture library.

 Some sites with site builders? Save all your photos in one library.

  • Customization of layout

 Customize your site layout and design according to your wishes

B) Marketing features:

  • Search Engine Optimization

 Increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

  • Email marketing

 Converting your website visitors to customers by sending them emails.

  • Sync with Facebook

 Link your company’s Facebook page to the website builder.

  • Connect to Instagram

 Manage posts and track performance from your Godaddy dashboard.

C) Analytics Web features

  • Track email campaigns

 Watch how big email explosions occur.

  • Monitor comments online

 Manage your comments on Google and Facebook in one place.

  • Action plan

 Get constant advice about what to do next to have a better online presence.

GoDaddy Performance Test

 I checked Godaddy’s performance to ascertain whether they were a reliable hosting provider.

 I have tested the work time and speed using several tools: statusCake, pingdom, gtmetrix and Google page speed insight.

GoDaddy speed test.

 No one wants to have a slow hosting provider.

 Visitors to websites Hatred must see a blank page that never seems to load.

 This can weigh on the conversion because visitors will go elsewhere if they need to be too long to read your content.

 And in fact, the faster your site the top search engine will rank.

 With the average loading time of two 0.50 seconds, Godaddy is not the best performing host in our test, but they are not too far from the siteground.

 GoDaddy Hosting records the average download time of 554ms

GoDaddy Speed Test
GoDaddy Speed Test

Is Goodady’s Uptime Good?

 Uptime measures what is the proportion of your website time online.

 Believe it or not, hosting providers cannot always guarantee that your site will be online 100% of the time.

 Has 99.95% uptime (or 0.05% downtime) is calculated as an honest result.

 So if you are serious about your website, you must always aim for this.

 If not, you will be punished by search engines and in fact, you will offer a bad user experience to your visitors

 To monitor uptime I Exploit StatusCake, tools that check each website every 5 minutes.

 I am not proud of Godaddy’s uptime performance.

 that they have 99.90% uptime – even on the threshold of 99.95% you must aim for ..

GoDaddy’s Uptime
GoDaddy’s Uptime

 Godaddy reviews: Pros & Cons

 GoDaddy is one of the most important name registrants and the leading host. Their performance is sweet and offers a lot of web storage.

  However, it does not have several features such as backup, SSL certificates, and staging areas.

 Let’s check the most pros and cons in detail:


 Easy to use: I found their interface quite intuitive to use, I might recommend it for beginners.

 Speed: In my test, GoDaddy offers Okish speed.

 Windows server: GoDaddy also offers Windows-based hosting.

 Storage: All your combined files cannot be enough 250,000 files (inodes). That’s the single storage limit they need – quite generous.

Bandwidth: Monthly Visit without limits

Power supply without interference: a strong cooling system to serve servers and other equipment at the right temperature

 The center is also placed under massive security with technical staff monitoring operations 24/7/365 through CCTV to maintain compilation and capture and correct problems when it occurs.

 GODADDY page loading time is also fast because of the company’s global centers.

 If you have ever had a problem with your site, the Godaddy support team is there 24/7 to help you.

Speed: easy integration with CDN: for optimal performance, especially when involves e-commerce sites where slow sites mean fewer purchases or WordPress sites (which are equipped with a relatively flat core system),

 Content delivery network (CDN) is a good idea. (Only found on expensive plans)

 CDN aims to cache your site on a network server,

 And when the user asks your site, the file is sent from the nearest server – a shorter transportation distance.

 Godaddy does not offer CDN but supports easy integration with cloudflare options.

Security and reserves: When it involves ensuring the security of your website, GoDaddy provides services that are quite satisfying.

 The only part is it starts directly from the simplest hosting plan.

 Economic package, Hosting Plan with Godaddy introduced,

 Utilizing a safe shell and also uses spam detection in the instrument panel and your email account. (Only found on expensive plans)

 Another advanced plan utilizes more intensive security and offers support for a safe socket (SSL) layer. (Only found on expensive plans)

 Also offered is Sha-2 and 2048-bit encryption for all hosting packages and therefore the choice to buy SiteLock (services that provide spam monitoring and malware, site verification certificates, and application scanning). (Only found on expensive plans)

 You will even have access to the scanning feature and removal of malware.

 Hosting Godaddy plans to accompany 30 days of money back guarantees.

As for site backup: GoDaddy performs daily backups and scanning malware for your website.

 They also allow you to make a backup copy of your website every time you want or pay a little monthly fee to have a file that is protected and stored in the cloud. (Only found on expensive plans)

B) Losses from GODADDY hosting:

Expensive: They do not offer the most cost-effective offer out there.

 They become more expensive when an important add-on (backup and SSL certificate) purchased.

Uptime: Unfortunately, Uptime GoDaddy is below the standard 99.05%, further information below.

There is no reserve: unless you buy a paid add-on, no backup system there.

No SSL: If you want to have your SSSLED site (quite important today), you have to buy a certificate.

Lost advanced features: Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not accompany some advanced features such as the staging area or git repository that will be available for developers.

No migration services: Unlike other hosting providers, they will not help you to migrate your website from other hosts.

 But you might be wondering when it is an honest idea to use Godaddy and when not.

 Let me offer a few examples

When to use GoDaddy hosting?

 First of all, you have to put aside some hosting permits, because GoDaddy comes out with a touch, especially after you start adding important add-ons.

 I would suggest Godaddy sharing hosting for those who try to find very generous numbers with storage and do not measure your traffic.

 GoDaddy also offers Windows-based hosting services, this is probably an honest argument to convince some.

When doesn’t Godaddy hosting?

 I would not suggest GoDaddy if you want a reasonable hosting provider, check Dreamhost, and Bluehost instead.

 In our test, Godaddy also proved to be a reliable hosting provider quickly but has an unpleasant uptime ratio.

 So serious projects such as blogger avid must consider other alternatives such as siteground or dreamhost or bluehost

 Finally, those who try to find advanced options such as staging areas, server side caching or CMS optimization options (e.g. wordpress) may want to see other alternatives.

Godaddy alternative

 I think most projects may be hosted using GoDaddy without serious problems (if back-on backup and SSL are added). However,

 This does not mean that Godaddy is the best choice for your project.

 Let me reevaluate some scenarios so you will compare Godaddy to another alternative:

 I would say Dreamhost, A2 hosting, and HostGator offers the price ratio to the lowest quality

DreamHost, A2 Hosting, and HostGatorDreamHost, A2 Hosting, and HostGator
DreamHost, A2 Hosting, and HostGator

 I have found the simplest support in Bluehost, SiteGround, Dreamhost, and Inmotion, a little question.

Bluehost-hosting InMotion-SiteGround
Bluehost-hosting InMotion-SiteGround

 Dreamhost and Siteground and Bluehost are the highest performance providers for work time and speed.

 For those who need a hosting provider with tons of WordPress features (e.g. staging and optimization speed),

  I might recommend seeing sites and bluehost.

GoDaddy: Do I like to recommend it?

Overall, I feel Godaddy offers a solid product to accommodate a small website. I love:

 Their speed is worth it Apart from classic Linux hosting.

 they also offer Windows-based hosting services – Not many providers do it Easy to follow

Unlimited bandwidth and large storage capacity

 However, there are some hidden disadvantages that you must know.

 Some basic features such as SSL and backup are not really included in their expensive plans – in the end, GoDaddy becomes quite expensive.

 But, if you keep going to travel with GoDaddy, you will try GODADDY 30 days without risk

I hope you find this interesting godaddy review.

 But if you have questions, please leave a comment and I will try to help you.

Do you think GoDaddy hosting is right for you?

You can get the offer up to 90% off hosting costs and a paid domain for free.

Get the coupon here

Do you think GoDaddy hosting is right for you?

You can get the offer up to 90% off hosting costs and a paid domain for free.


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